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How Can I Get A Free Edu Email 2021?

A free Edu email gets you a huge discount on online payments and many other benefits. However, if you are a student, you can get a free Edu email from your university or the education authority you are connected to. But what if you are not a student? 

You will get to know how to get a .edu email without enrolling in a school or university by the end of this article. Happy reading! 

Create A Free Edu Email Account 

  1. To avail of Edu email discounts, create an Edu email by following the direction mentioned below
  2. Go to the open sign-up page and click on the begin creating my account option 
  3. You need an address of USA, but if you are not a US citizen, generate a fake address by visiting this link the age should be between 20-23 while registering for an account
  4. Now, enter your details and follow on-screen instructions (choose no for previous and preferred names and the name suffix.)
  5. Tap on the continue option
  6. Now in the address field, enter the fake generated address. Click on “I verify my address” if it says your address cannot be found.
  7. Enter a USA mobile number if you have any, otherwise, leave empty this field.
  8. Provide a username, password, and a pin. 
  9. Attempt security questions and complete the process by clicking on “Create my account”

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