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How To Use To Activate Windows 10?

Do you want to activate your windows 10 or 7, 8, 8.1 without installing any malware key or harmful software? Use tool. This is a window activate download tool for activating windows with assuring security and legality. But how can you use this? This article sums up simple ways to download for free. 

Ways to use to activate window 10
The below-mentioned steps for activating Windows 10 through are free and applicable for all types of laptops and PC, (whether it is free or old), likewise for all operating systems like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 9, and Windows 10. 

Like,, is also a link. This link leads to the window 10 activator.txt code. Now, without consuming much time, let’s venture you through the simple ways to use latest and active code. 

  • Start the google chrome browser 
  • You need to type on the search bar
  • Now copy all the code from the link 
  • Either copy the code(text) in a new file or directly download the code
  • Now you will have to paste the copied text by ctrl+V
  • Save this text with a file name such as window 10
  • Change the extension 
  • At last, you are required to run the window 10 text file as the administrator 
  • After a wait of a few minutes, you will see Window will activate automatically. 

Steps to check if Windows 10 is activated or not

  • You need to open the Settings App
  • Find the “Update and Security” option
  • Click on the activation on the left side of the window 
  • After successfully following the above-mentioned steps, you will see the status of your windows 10 on the computer. 

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