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Is KissCartoon Safe and Legal for Streaming Cartoons Online?


Kisscartoon is a site where thousands of cartoon and anime content can be enjoyed watching for free. Though it is available for free, most of the users have this doubt whether it is safe to use. They are also curious to know whether it is legal to use sites like this. 


Is It Really Safe to Use?

There are different domain names for this site like kisscartoon me,,, and more other domains are available. No matter which domain you are using, the terms of safety and legal apply to all such torrent sites.

No one will give you assurance about this site’s safety since it injects viruses through its ads which can damage our device and sometimes hackers even steal our information. 


Can We Watch TV Shows through Kisscartoon? Is It Safe?

kisscartoon for tv shows provides all shows that are popular in the famous TV shows can be watched for free. This is also not safe, the main reason we urge you to be cautious is that these sites have numerous ads. 

So while you click on any of the ads accidentally or sometimes it gets opened even without clicking. These ads are not safe, not all the time; some ads are not harmful at all. 


Is it Legal to Access the Site?

Most of them assume that it is legal to use since they have a kisscartoon app but it is not true. Any copyrighted content is illegal to use by anyone. 


Few Alternatives to the site:

Websites that are Alternatives to kisscartoon yet safe and legal to use are Crunchyroll, KissAnime, Watch Cartoons Online, AnimeToon and more other websites are available online. 


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